Michael Prieve has over two decades of experience as an art director and creative director. He began his career at Wieden + Kennedy, which has led to collaborations with clients, artists, writers, directors, photographers and contributors of all types around the world. Combining the music of John Lennon and director skills of David Fincher, he helped to create Nike's first truly global television and film effort called Instant Karma.

More recently, in celebration of World Wildlife Fund's 50th anniversary, Michael collaborated with The Andy Warhol Foundation and Ronald Feldman Fine Arts by using the artwork from Andy Warhol's Endangered Species series. The images highlight the beauty of Earth's wild creatures – as well as the uncertainty of their future.

Throughout his career, Michael has helped to create communications for other iconic brands including Calvin Klein, Coca-Cola and Microsoft. He also helped connect Nike to the world of "football" in Europe and Asia, launch the Jordan Brand as Michael Jordan reached iconic status, and introduce Levi Strauss Signature to America.

Influenced by sport and skating culture as well as his experience working for an architecture firm and a gas station during high school, his views are unique. By infusing strategic thinking with a modern style he strives to create meaningful work that is at once prescient, beautiful, honest and emotional.

Michael grew up in Southern California and received a BA from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. He currently lives in New York City.